mcm (usestangerines) wrote in exceptcanada,


I forget how i found this. I think it was through Jonathan's journal--but I think it is fun so I joined.

[english majors get excited about things like this]

I just finished reading The Frog King earlier this week. It's not Vonnegut, but it is quite enjoyable. Not for everyone, I suppose, but i've got quite a crush on the protagonist.

Right now I'm reading The Elegant Universe in an effort to try and retrieve some of my science knowledge. That, and I think abstract principles and theories about space and time are kind of rad.

And then after that, I think I am going to read The Charterhouse of Parma...maybe...we'll see.
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i'm glad im not the only one who gets crushes on characters in books.

it happens to me all of the time...